Armband tattoo designs with cross and rose

Armband tattoo designs: the formats of the tat competitions are all the same: a big pose-down on Saturday trims the field to 15 finalists, and the top five of these are selected by audience applause on Sunday.

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Gangster tattoos

Gangster tattoos: she employed a constructivist design, which she says was especially popular in Europe circa World War I, on an Australian man, joining black tribal design with color to convey an unusual sense of depth.

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Biker tattoos in leg

Biker tattoos: from Japanese work, I started exploring other styles, adapting and combining images from other cultures: bold stuff, Western mythology, fantasy art, nonliteral art. I do more graphic designs than realism.

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Chris Brown tattoo

Chris Brown tattoo: i do find it interesting to watch other artists’ stages of growth, although a lot of (the industry) is competitive, not nurturing, and I don’t want to perpetuate that mode. But I find it’s changing for the better and that more artists are willing to communicate and share their art.

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Religious tattoo cross on his chest

Religious tattoo: I’ve done full bodies, although I don’t prefer that. I don’t feel you have to cover the whole body to make a statement. I like to do a few large things that fit together, that depict people’s mythology.

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Eagle tattoo designs in shoulder

Eagle tattoo designs: likes a party and has a good sense of humor, which proved handy down at the bar one night when a family friend deemed it timely to publicly debut the quiet corner of Lyn’s private gallery for all to see. You get that down under and a lot more besides.

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