Tribal leg tattoo

Malmo station. Outside. Night. It’s very cold, it’s not possible to smoke anywhere and a Viking homeless dogs me talking in Swedish. The taxi takes me all around the city and gets back along its wheels to let me at the hotel, placed three streets away from the station. I make the maximum of fake-tour to observe the city through the glasses.

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Leg tatoo

Filip Leu or Paul Booth, among many others.
Those last ones, restless, decided to repeat the experience they started in San Francisco and to bring the ArtFusionExperiment (visit its .com) to Europe; this project -of which we talked about on the last issue of our magazine-, it’s a meeting place, out of the dermal requirements, for the plastic expression of several artists over the same canvas.

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Leg tatoo

And what artists; because after 12 years that convention has managed to gather a huge group of tattooists, national and international, really basic and singular. Until thirty different countries from | all over the world, every one contributing with a particular vision and tradition to, the more and more open, world of tattoo.

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