Tattoo designs new sketches

Another coloured cool Tattoo designs. This one is good for any site of the body with enough area.

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Tattoo sketches: a vintage one

A  tattoo sketches from old times: A shipwreck and a rose in a sailor tattoo from the india. More in tattoo designs for you.

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Grandma portrait Tattoo designs

A portrait of a grandma in Tattoo designs. A very good definition and detail for a realistic tattoo.

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Full arms tattoo ideas

Arms full of pictures in living colours, and the sides of the body too. Another good idea for a simetrical design of tattoo in large parts of the body.

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Car design for your tattoo studio

A broken front old car, ideal for a big space like the back. Another idea for your  tattoo studio.  Black or colour ink offers good results.

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MIxed with skull tattoo

A skull tattoo design in oval shape mixed with another style of drawing, a portrait in the arm. Another idea of tattoo.

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