Popular tattoos rose in the arm

Popular tattoos: To boil it all down, Chris says he’s into tattoos because they offer me more permanence than anything else in life. His long-term plan calls for a full suit, with Chris Garver filling in his front with a huge Odin on a throne over the ribcage and a Japanese water-serpent piece snaking down his right leg.

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Scorpion tattoo designs

Scorpion tattoo designs: As far as his own tats go, Chris got his first piece at age 18 from Craig Helmich of Island Avenue Tattoo, Pennsylvania. I chose Craig because he was very reputable and I liked his smooth, clean style.

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Samurai tattoo

Samurai tattoo: He says, I went to engineering school, and, after that, tattooing seemed like a natural course to follow. I was also attracted to it because it’s a service that people need.

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Sun tattoos

Sun tattoos: Karen plans to have Rob do more work in the near future. He knows me and my attitude, she says. Their next collaboration will be completely out of the ordinary tribal skulls, which Karen’s boyfriend Tommy is currently drawing.

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Female tattoos tribal lower back

Female tattoos: Thus far, the relationship has resulted in two pieces: a dragon and a water flower with tribal background, both of which were done on the same day.

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