Fantasy tattoo

A rclieshing clumge has been Paul Booth and Filip Leu’s “Tattoo Die Earth”. Bringing taltooists togcthci ti> exr.hange ideas and cioate art together has pioved very productive In the futuie I will continue to visit Spain and the rest of Europe to leeneigize my soul and inspire my tattooing.

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Fantasy tatoo

Unfortunately in the following yeais ninny of these artists eithei disappcaicd orhioke oil into the ih;o traditional movement I found disappointing that tattooisls capable of pushing the envelop of tattooing as art. insteid leliimed to its foundation.

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Epic tattoo

I start tattooing eleven years ago and it lias given me the choice to travel and see the world, meet interesting people, and make new friends. My past journeys to Europe and Spain have helped to shape the artist and person that I am today My first trip to Spain was for the Madrid Convention hosted by Mao and Cathy Tattoo.

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Arm tattoo, full of colour

More for tattoo dsigns: An arm tattoo very complete and big. Full of colour and intrincate designs.

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