Female tattoo designs in thethe belly

Female tattoo designs: according to Hollywood lore, aspiring movie stars used to hang out at Schwab’s drugstore, waiting for a producer to come up and say, Hey, kid, you outta be in pictures. Well, Karen Cockroft is proof that history repeats itself, although not always verbatim. A resident of Hollywood, pictures are Karen’s life and livelihood, although she works with stills instead of celluloid.

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Tattoo design ideas tribal masks

Tribal masks, carvings, stuffed animals, chinoiserie, tattoo design ideas of all styles and there’s more to come. Cliff’s extensive collection of tattoo memorabilia will be on display soon, turning th location into a tattoo museum as well as a tattoo studio.

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Ideas for tattoos

It was one of the world’s largest tattoo conventions and folks had a chance to meet some of the best inkslingers around. Friday, Saturday and Sunday the artists were ideas for tattoos. It was truly a relaxed, peaceful…

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