Shamrock tattoo the scapula

Shamrock tattoo: there’s a bonding process that takes place when two people work together on an intimate level, when people let themselves open in such a vulnerable way.

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Animal tattoos

Animal tattoos: her arms were done in the Japanese style well before it became vogue in the states in a collage of nature patterns embodying the elements of earth, air, fire, and water.

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Cat tattoo designs in the arm

Cat tattoo designs: the whole point of being a prima-donna artist is something that makes me jaded or simply want to laugh. I don’t compete. I don’t believe in it. I just do my work. Trying to win awards seems like a waste of energy, just draining,” she explains.

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Music note tattoo

Music note tattoo: it’s a powerful way to express an inner vision externally. It goes much deeper than just putting a tattoo on skin. I’ve always been fascinated by the dynamic quality of shapes and colors. I like to engage in really large graphic designs, almost like watercolor, rather than little patchwork, she says.

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Name tattoos designs

Name tattoos designs: round the corner and lower still, quietly sits a rainbow and palm trees highlighting a unicorn rising up from the sea. Lynette, husband Wayne, and their six year old son are rapt with her choice.

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Dolphin tattoos

Dolphin tattoos: everyone in Pennsylvania seems to want flash. We have very loyal customers, a lot of college kids, and a few punks (but not enough), but I’d personally rather lay the pen on skin than stencils.

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Buddha tattoo color in the arm

Buddha tattoo: I like every piece to be completely different from any other one, Karen says, explaining her disdain for sticking with a particular style.

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