Armband tattoo designs with cross and rose

Armband tattoo designs: the formats of the tat competitions are all the same: a big pose-down on Saturday trims the field to 15 finalists, and the top five of these are selected by audience applause on Sunday.

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Mexican tattoos

Mexican tattoos: the cruise was a perfect setting for relaxation. Everyone seemed to enjoy the loose structure of the whole thing and had a lot of fun.

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Devil tattoos

Devil tattoos: instead of the Love Boat it was the Tattoo Tug for this year’s National Tattoo. Three hundred tattoo artists and enthusiasts got together last March on one of the largest cruise ships in the world.

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Crosses tattoos

Crosses tattoos: you can create such a diversity within the scope of myths and folk art. Images that people are putting on their skin are symbolic totems or things of power.

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Good tattoo ideas

Good tattoo ideas: today the work that brings her the most challenge and reward is more imagistic than realistic in conception. My style has really developed, an ongoing process to catch up with my vision.

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