Scorpion Tattoo

The entertainment for Saturday night was provided by ‘The Liberty Morris Men, a group of biker Morris dancers a truly unique sight to behold ! They dragged Sophie ‘on stage’ to humiliate her in fine style ! Unfortunately, as she’s the photographer, you’ll have to buy AWOL magazine to see the embarrassing pictures.

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Fantasy and cartoon tatoos

An idea of tattoo design of dragon in a car. a good tattoo for big places like the back.

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Sisters tattoo pictures

Two sisters in a portrait full of colours. Another example of tattoo designs pictures of cool realistic draws.

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Grandma portrait Tattoo designs

A portrait of a grandma in Tattoo designs. A very good definition and detail for a realistic tattoo.

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Tattoo pictures: Good portraits

More tattoo pictures: Two of the same portrait in arms of different persons. A very good quality of this tattoo design.

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Chest and shoulder tattoos

Arms, chest and  shoulder tattoos designs. Some draws you can copy or variate.

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Nipple piercing and tattoo

A breast totally decorated with piercing and tattoo around the nipple. A good combination for secret places art.

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Some tribal gear for your book of drawings

A tribal gear for your tatttoo design book. Tapes with three gems like decorations.

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Cool pig design for arms

A cool pig tattoo design. Very useful for arms or for legs for example.

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Full of color tattoo

A full of color tattoo in the shoulder, ideal for girls.

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