Samurai tattoos in the arm

Samurai tattoos: she lived in San Francisco for five years, until ka-boom! the infamous earthquake hit in 1989 “It ruined everything I had,” she says ruefully and she returned to Seattle.

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Biomechanical tattoo in the head

Biomechanical tattoo: in addition to Chris Garver’s talent, Chris Henry also sports lettering and an eagle on his left thigh by gypsy tat-tooer Guy Asper. “It’s my tribute to traditional tattooing,” Chris says. The other pieces on Chris’s left leg were self-applied, the first three works of his career.

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Eagle tattoos in the form of tribal

Eagle tattoos: After finishing school, Karen moved to Los Angeles and began the search for a tattooist who she could relate to. I waited to meet an artist on a personal-friend basis to do my work, she says.

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Chopper tattoo in the chest

I don’t really have a forte chopper tattoo…well, yeah I do, that color stuff I suppose. I like doing…just…crazier themes I guess.

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