Cancer sign tattoos made on the back

Cancer sign tattoos: it doesn’t matter if they’ve done tattoos before, since Charlie prefers to train them himself, and because he does a wide range of styles he can teach just about anything.

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Small tattoo ideas in the ankle

Small tattoo ideas:  i like doing that and working with other blokes in our craw, they also share a similar appreciation for tattoo.

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Simple tattoo designs stars on the shoulder

Simple tattoo designs: for a young Aussie bloke, Glen Orchiston is pretty committed to tattoo art and embracing the lifestyle that comes with it. Starting with his first piece less than four years ago, Glen is building a hide-full of art he refers to today as being his personal icons.

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Flame tattoo in the shoulder

Flame tattoo: the common thread, according to Dick, running through all the artists that have inked him is their ability to sit and discuss a potential tattoo with the customer.

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