Flower tattoos designs

To be a modest convention, Malmo 2002 has managed to gather a fistful of really interesting artists. I know it. And I’m going to check it. Camera in hand, magazine at the ready, I’m going to greet everybody, one by one.

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Lotus flower tattoo

With the legend of “Bigger than ever”, the organization have tried to force themselves to manage to get that the 8th Malmo’s Tattoo Expo be the best one of those that have taken place in Sweden until now.

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Flower tattoo designs

After some rounds I find the chocolate house; a glare among the branches of the trees brings me to the pavilion where the convention takes place. In that hostile and wild environment, the pavilion it’s an oasis of heat, light and color, where the machines buzz like asleep insects. I’m about to recover in it

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Flower tattoo pictures

Once at the hotel I wrap myself up in forty caps and three hundred jackets and I go to look for the convention. The venue where it’ll take place is hidden in the huge Folkest Park, a macro park dark and covered of dead leaves that, at night, looks like Hansel and Gretel’s forrest.

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