Girls Arm Tattoos

I personally feel that someone like arms tattoo has been needed for a very long time; and I don’t know of anybody who is more capable of doing the work that he’s been doing. There are people out there who’d want you to believe that they know more about this, but I wouldn’t consider any of them over girls.

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Japanese tattoo pictures

While he’s working we start chatting. During all the day we’ll keep on talking. The master is very interested in Spain, asking us about Valencia, our city, the weather, the language and Mediterranean culture in general.

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Japanese tattoo gallery

Horiyoshi is working, but with the usual Japanese kindness he rises up and gets closer to greet us. As usual, we bring him a present, some self made tattooing machines. The gift is to make our humble contribution to his museum, and he gets really happy.

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Japanese tattoo designs

When coming in we take off our shoes and we are lead to a long and narrow room where the master welcome us.

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Japanese tattoos

We are in Yokohama, at the studio where Horiyoshi III works. We are having the opportunity of spending a day with one of the most respected and influential men in body art.

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