Japanese Tattoo Designs

Meanwhile, after ten days of trauma, Tracy was sent home in a state of anxiety and suffering from stress. The doctor prescribed tranquillisers, a new school rule was drawn up no nose studs allowed…

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Japanese flower tattoo

He’s also willing to tell us his impressions about the profession of his life. This is an extract of a comradeship day with a living legend.

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Japanese tattoo design

After the greetings he carries on working. He’s concentrated on decorating the whole body of a customer, shading the drawing in with a machine.

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Japanese tattoo designs

When coming in we take off our shoes and we are lead to a long and narrow room where the master welcome us.

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Japanese tattoos

We are in Yokohama, at the studio where Horiyoshi III works. We are having the opportunity of spending a day with one of the most respected and influential men in body art.

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