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For three days, a somewhat awestruck Italian public was treated to an exhibition of tattooing’s finest talent from around the globe. The list of featured artists is stellar: Hanky Panky, Tattoo Molly and Amar came in from Amsterdam, Jimmy and Tanya from Paris, Mao and Cathy from Madrid, Weber from Berlin, the notorious Crazy Ace, Brent and Mickey Bee from England, Micky Tattoo from Zurich, Switzerland, Rattattoo from Stuttgart, Bob of Ink Fanatics in Zurich, Johnny Two-Thumbs from Singapore, Dermafolies from Bordeaux, Universal Tattoos from Paris, Gary Winter from Germany, Vic from Ireland, Paul Massaro from Kenmore and Berni Luther from Austria.

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Tattoo ideas italian

Held in the Sala Polivalente (I think that translates to “Dust Bowl”) of the Palazzo Delia Cultura e Dei Congressi, the convention was hosted by the unbeatable team of Marco Leoni and Franco Gatti-with the help of many good friends from around the tattoo world such as Luca de Siena from Torino, Spider Webb from the USA, Tino…

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Tattoo symbols

Whatever their reason for being late to the party, the Italian tattoo world is working diligently to make up for lost timeā€”and the public seems to be ready, willing, and able to think ink in a major way.
A milestone on this road happened in Bologna, Italy from November 12-14, 1993 at Italy’s first international tattoo convention.

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Italian tattoos

Why it’s taken so long for tattoo fever to reach The Boot is anybody’s guess. Maybe in a country with such a rich cultural heritage and an almost casual popular intimacy with truly great fine art, the lowbrow attraction of tattooing isn’t as necessary an outlet of expression as it is in some other, less graced countries. Who needs a clumsy pin-up tattooed on their arm in a place where a working man can take his lunch break in a public piazza, surrounded by statues from the Renaissance masters, instead of sitting on a bench looking at cheesy billboards for suntan lotion and cassette tapes? Maybe there’s a connection.

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Tattoo italian

Ironically, though, Italy is a relative newcomer to the international tattoo scene. The country that contributed so much to the world’s cultural wealth has only recently begun to see a popular explosion of interest in one of mankind’s oldest art forms.

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Italian tattoo designs

Historically italy has been home to some of the world’s most beautiful art. Birthplace to countless artistic geniuses such as Michelangelo, Boticelli and Da Vinci, Italy can be considered one of the most important centers of artistic tradition on earth.

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