Finishing adhering the stencil

When finished adhering the stencil, it should be cleaned up. Grasp it with a set of medical tongs and hold it in the ultrasonic tank for a few seconds, then wash it good under the faucet. It then should be dried with a paper towel and then filed away.
If you can get a good Xerox of something, it can usually be reproduced on skin. It’s difficult to reproduce a photograph, but there have been done some good likenesses of peoples faces.
Do tattoos from drawings because that way it’s easier to get lines for the stencil. If you’re doing a back piece the exact size of a record cover, tape two spirit masters together to make the design side by side, tape the tops and bottoms together. Then staple Xeroxed copy on top of the spirit masters, white side up. Do this on a clean, flat, hard table. Just trace over all the lines and there you have a perfect stencil. Remove the staples after checking to make sure all the lines are traced over. Then carefully remove the carbon paper from the sheets, being careful not to dislodge the tape holding them together exactly.
All these methods in this chapter work really well and should be used with each other. Choosing the right method depends upon the circumstances. It can only be stressed that the beginning tattooist practice making stencils and transferring them until perfection is attained. The stencil is very important to tattooing since a clean stencil is easier to tattoo from and a sloppy one produces sloppy results. Perfect stencil making is a requirement to professional tattooing.

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