Shamrock tattoo the scapula

Shamrock tattoo: there’s a bonding process that takes place when two people work together on an intimate level, when people let themselves open in such a vulnerable way.

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Tattoo skull color on the back

Tattoo skull: lazonga was working at a commercial studio for a retired sailor, Danny Danzel, one of “the last of the old-timers,” she says. She experimented with Japanese work herself for a while, then branched out to other motifs.

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Tattoo designs for girls in the hip

Tattoo designs for girls: we wanted to create an atmosphere unlike that of a typical convention, where the visitors just run around in circles and the tattooers are idle, explained Caroline. We wanted to have a party like atmosphere, where visitors can congregate, sit together, and get involved in discussions.

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Free Tattoo Girls

Rob has certainly been around… in ’91 he worked in Australia and travelled widely in The States, meeting the local artists and visiting conventions. Upon his return to Finland, he worked in a friend’s back room for a while, before finally opening a shop of his own, two years ago, at tattoo girl.

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