Free Tattoo Design

The air was damp and warm, a stark contrast to the sub zero temperatures outside. Thick smoke curled above the captivated audience, watching intently as the tat guns buzzed. To say this room was crowded would be a bit of an understatement.

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Color and free tattoo design

A free tattoo design for the arm or leg. A very cool and coloured image of a boy with a spray.

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How to start doing lines

Tattooing must be done on tight skin. It will have to be stretched by the free hand of the tattooist. It creates a taut and solid surface to work on. For all practical purposes, it is impossible to tattoo loose skin. No matter what style of stretching is used, just make sure the needles go into a tight skin surface. (Refer to Skin Chapter for more on this.)
When putting ink into the skin, the machine should take on a subdued sound as soon as the needle touches skin. This is called “choking down.” If it doesn’t sound like this, the machine is probably running too fast, try to slow it down a little. It doesn’t take a lot of power to do good tattoo work.

To begin, start with a few insignificant lines near the bottom of the tattoo. This is for settling yourself in and the client down to the feeling and to warm up yourself with some practice. Somewhere on the design are a few lines that are less important, or secondary, to the major or more important lines. These secondary lines are the ones to start on and work your way up to the primary lines. Make sure the bridge is solid for the area and make a practice stroke. Do this over every time you tattoo. It rehearses the movement for the fingers and gives you time for any last minute shifts or adjustments. Have the machine off the skin, press the footswitch to turn it on. The machine should be running before you put the needle into the skin. Never start it while in the skin. Make the line without hesitation and continue in this manner. Don’t wait until the machine has run out of ink, refill it every few lines and keep it full for the whole job.
Keep a paper tissue wrapped around the two lesser fingers of the tattooing hand for wiping. As the work progresses, the working hand neatly tilts over to wipe the work when it is necessary and then just continue tattooing. It’s efficient and close to the work. Press gently straight down and then lift straight up. You tattoo, then wipe, then tattoo some more, and wipe, etc. Keep a fresh supply of tissues nearby for this purpose.

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