Tattoo free-hand drawings in the arm

 “I saw Dave Knox of Derma Fauna work on my friend,” Trent said. “I was really impressed with his work and I decided to let him tattoo me. He specializes in free-hand drawing and tattooing.”

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Star tattoo design in the shoulder

Star tattoo design: eight years ago, Michelle was fishing at a lake near her home in New Brighton, Pennsylvania, when she met a tattooed man. Michelle and Dennis hit it off immediately and eventually married.

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Wolf tattoo designs in the chest

Wolf tattoo designs: like many people, she’d always wanted a tattoo, having been exposed to many while working in bars in New Jersey, but the actual deed had never come to pass.

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Zodiac tattoos in back

Zodiac tattoos: soon there’ll be another work in the making, an Indian tribal piece to add another dimension to his calf.

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Free Hand Tattoo

Looking at the sensitivity of her work, it may surprise you that Dale herself is untattooed. Although obviously an admirer of skin art, we reckon that if she pursue this subject matter for too long, she is bound to succumb and get inked herself.

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