Hibiscus flower tattoos

Hibiscus flower tattoos: Lazonga has two co-workers and is about to add a third. One notices very quickly that Vyvyn establishes an intuitive rapport with her clients.

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Chris Brown tattoo

Chris Brown tattoo: i do find it interesting to watch other artists’ stages of growth, although a lot of (the industry) is competitive, not nurturing, and I don’t want to perpetuate that mode. But I find it’s changing for the better and that more artists are willing to communicate and share their art.

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Religious tattoo cross on his chest

Religious tattoo: I’ve done full bodies, although I don’t prefer that. I don’t feel you have to cover the whole body to make a statement. I like to do a few large things that fit together, that depict people’s mythology.

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Eagle tattoo designs in shoulder

Eagle tattoo designs: likes a party and has a good sense of humor, which proved handy down at the bar one night when a family friend deemed it timely to publicly debut the quiet corner of Lyn’s private gallery for all to see. You get that down under and a lot more besides.

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