Chinese designs

Chinese tattoo.

“…The conquering tattoo was a back piece carved out by the illustrious Filip Leu at Fun City Studios—all in one painful blood and sweat-soaked session—a session that left Mr. MX cursing and spitting at the gods of tattooing. MX, aka Machins, has since taken back all the mean things he said about Filip while getting the tattoo. “

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Rules for Mixing and Blending Tattoo Colors

1)   White can be mixed with any color.
2)   Except for white, leave the purple alone.
3)   Red, orange and yellow can be intermixed and blended.
4)   Browns mix well with orange, red, yellow and white.
5)   Make grey by mixing white with black or by adding distilled water to black.

Spectacular effects can be achieved by blending the colors in the skin, letting one color flow into the next. This is a rainbow effect, and the ranges of color in a rainbow make a good guideline to remember the blending scheme.

Any color can be blended with the color next to it on the rainbow. Different color values of the same color can be blended also. In between the two colors will be a zone with the two colors being mixed together. This is where the two colors meet and blend. For example, let’s color in a leaf. The Outline for the leaf is done and it has black shading by the stem. The darkest color is done (the black and black shading) and now some green must be added. It will go from black shading by the stem to a dark green, fading to a light green, and then a little yellow on the very edge. It’s all right to color over shading as the black shading will show through. Wash out the machine and needles very good (prescribed elsewhere) and tattoo in the dark green around the shading, right over the shading and feather it out toward the edge. Leave space for the other green. Wash out the machine and tattoo in the light green. Color in slightly over the dark green and color in the leaf almost to the edges, maybe slightly feathering it out on the edge. Wash out the machine and add in yellow or white, mixing it in with light green. Wipe with green soap spray and coat with Vaseline every color change. A super color blend is achieved this way and must be practiced. It’s best to do this blending in one sitting while the ink is still “wet” in the skin and the ink mixes a lot better this way.

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