Chinese dragon tattoo

So, it is possible to be tattooed by Borneo Headhunters and Hori-Hiro in Lausanne… We also create custom-tattoos by
three artists together, to mix our three cultures on the skin.

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Chinese tattoo translation

I also have guest artists once in a while from “East & West inc”. Created in 1999 “East & West” opens the minds on other cultures: BorneoHeadhunters from Borneo and Hori-Hiro from Japan regularly come to Lausanne to satisfy the increasing demand in traditional hand-made tattoos.

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Chinese tattoo designs

I started tattooing in 1989. I worked in a few places, and then I opened my own shop: “Ethno Tattoo” in 1998. I like tattooing all sorts of things, but especially big oriental pieces and realism (portraits, animals…).

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