Geisha tattoos design on the back

Geisha tattoos: she was a striking beauty dressed like a biker’s dream in shining ebony leather. Laced up riding pants showed creamy white skin from her boots to her narrow waist. Firm ample breasts were straining against a sable baby-doll shirt that covered part of a black, nondescript tattoo. Raven hair fell to her shoulders.

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Mens tattoo designs in the chest

Mens tattoo designs: wolf had good reason to be down this time, his bros thought to themselves as they watched him brooding over his drink. His ol” lady of two years had left him and taken off on her Sporty for parts unknown.

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Tattoos on breast of heart

Tattoos on breast: generally a righteous bro, but when he was down he could be as mean as a junkyard dog. Thankfully his fits of depression were short lived and after a night or two of moping he’d be back to his usual fun loving, pool playing self.

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