Butterfly tattoo free

Among them excel the Swedish Micke Magic Man, Jorgen of Rough Stuff, Jon, Nille and Max of East Street Tattoo and Johnny of Fantasyland, Crez of Adrenalink (Italy), Sacha and Dimitri (France), Anom Pupsa (Bali), Avishai of Ink Junkies (Israel) or Steve Hartnoll from England or Jordi of Iguana Tattoo (Tenerife, Canary Islands).

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Butterfly tattoo design

The artists
Only some of those taking part can be considered as “tattoo stars“; most of them are artists, maybe with a smaller name, but with a very high level. The average tattoist who attend the convention belongs to that type: veteran professional, hardened in the world of conventions and with a great artistic quality, but not known for the general public.

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