Gangsta tattoos

Gangsta tattoos: if you haven’t heard of Lazonga’s work yet, it is due to her unassuming nature. In a business whose engine is fueled by brazen attention-grabbing, Lazonga is quiet and unpretentious, needing to be drawn out a bit, in talking about her work. The capture the flag ethic of competition makes her wretch.

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Homer simpson tattoo

Homer simpson tattoo: that’s when she entered that tattoo arts. A self-styled hippie in those days, today she’s a highly respected tattooist and describes herself as an artist and a business owner.

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Dog tattoos

Dog tattoos: in Lynette Jones’ case, she married a a biker and, among other joys, found she really loved the sight of her man’s tattoos. So much so, in fact, that Lyn got her own. Welcome another tattoo art fan.

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