A tattoo tribal dragon

A good  tattoo tribal dragon in the chest and continuing in the arm. A full color tattoo in a very original disposition in the body.

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Color and free tattoo design

A free tattoo design for the arm or leg. A very cool and coloured image of a boy with a spray.

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Arm tattoo, full of colour

More for tattoo dsigns: An arm tattoo very complete and big. Full of colour and intrincate designs.

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To Cover-up tattooing is a real artistic challenge

The Chapter on Names and Letters should be studied so the beginning tattooist will learn right away the correct procedures when doing inscriptions. Unfortunately, there are just too many tattooists around who know nothing about this and it will be their work which will come to you in need of improving, like a total cover up job. Many of them will be old girlfriends names that were tattooed on in a sudden whim. The only positive thing coming out of this is that most names are usually done small and can be covered up fairly easily. This is good for everyone concerned, being inexpensive for the client and a fast turnover for yourself. There is an unlimited amount of ideas to be used to hide names in. Sometimes the name is within a banner or flag, and the customer might want to keep the original design, but wishes only to be rid of the name in the banner. The name can be reworked into a bunch of flowers and leaves and still maintain much of the original design.

Sometimes, customers may show-up wanting advice in having a tattoo removed, but a little talking on your part may persuade them more towards a good cover-up than actual surgical removal. Oftentimes, a good looking tattoo will be more what they wanted in the first place. It is worth taking the time to show them what you can do and usually they will decide to go for a cover-up. A good professional can take a depressed customer who is embarrassed by their tattoo and turn the mood right around with a decent cover-up. There is a certain amount of satisfaction gained by turning a new person out, who is proud of their new tattoo. This makes a lot of friends and a growing list of clients for yourself.

Cover-up tattooing is a real artistic challenge. The customers presents a problem, and it is up to you to provide a solution. It is exciting because it keeps you sharp and flexible, and the mind is always being taxed to come up with good solutions that are both acceptable to the customer and meeting all the requirements to do the job correctly.

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