Angel wing tattoo

She switched the Green Angel on. It buzzed reassuringly.
“Okay. The drug I applied to your back will soak into your skin slowly. It will feel a bit warm, but it is not harmful. It will prepare your body for the astral connection. Now, please roll over.”When I did, I received my first look at the Green Angel gun. It resembled a sculpture of some type of insect, made of gold metal.

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Back angel tattoo

Green Angel on how to build this tattoo gun. I did not conceive it; I merely worked from the designs given to me. I penned the entire diagram while on the astral plane, during a trance. I thought it only proper to name it after the Green Angel.”

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Angels tattoo

Within minutes, I was reclining, face down on the overstuffed black leather working table. I could hear her putting on Latex gloves. She then started applying some type of oil to my back, rubbing it in firmly.
“Do you know why I call it the Green Angel gun?” she asked.
I thought for a moment, before answering.
“Is it because you identify with an entity by that name?”
She laughed gently.
“You’re very clever. I

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Angel tattoo gallery

“But you changed your mind?” she asked.
“Yes. When you mentioned astral engines. I realized you had at the very least done some research into an area that preoccupies me a great deal. I am especially interested in the Green Angel gun you mentioned, the one you will be using on me.” Scorpia walked to the door and locked it.
“Take off your clothes. Everything,” she said calmly.

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Angel tattoo design

“My name is Scorpia,” she said as I followed her to the eastern most room of the house. She wore a red silk robe and her hair was jet black. Her skin was a beautiful marble white, without a blemish.
“I didn’t ask you. Who referred you to me?”
“I heard you on a late night radio talk show. I thought you were either mentally disturbed or willfully deceptive.”

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Angel tattoo designs

Are you Greg, here for the tattoo?” she asked.
I merely nodded, and she opened the door fully, inviting me inside. Hidden speakers filled the small dwelling with ambient music. It sounded like gongs that had been digitally reinterpreted. The music matched the house, a decor composed of dark earth tones highlighted by silver metal accents.

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