Extensive work of tattooer

Not a single booth had its tattooer sitting idle and twirling their thumbs, unless those thumbs were bent around a gun pushing needles into skin.

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Opening shops tattooers

It’s no surprise then that the art of tattooing has taken a strong, permanent foothold there. Years of careful nurturing in Munich’s underground scene have given way to a full blossoming of the art, with local tattooers opening shops all around town, and many more tattooers coming from out of town to catch a ride on the strong current flowing through this cultural center.

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Tattooers tradicional

One thing that kind of makes me sad is that there are so many phenomenal tattooers that only do this traditional thing now, because i saw all of these really, really unique styles for a while and i just don’t see them anymore. It’s all just straight forward Sailor, the old school stuff. I notice that it’s a really big trend.

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