Bullseye Tattoo

What is really frightening about this case, is that Emma has no human rights, and nor do her parents. Just what sort of human rights do we have in this country ? During all this, Romi has lost her part-time job; a work experience opportunity (she wants to become a nanny), and most of her friends have failed to support her.

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Butterfly tattoo free

Among them excel the Swedish Micke Magic Man, Jorgen of Rough Stuff, Jon, Nille and Max of East Street Tattoo and Johnny of Fantasyland, Crez of Adrenalink (Italy), Sacha and Dimitri (France), Anom Pupsa (Bali), Avishai of Ink Junkies (Israel) or Steve Hartnoll from England or Jordi of Iguana Tattoo (Tenerife, Canary Islands).

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Tribal leg tattoo

Malmo station. Outside. Night. It’s very cold, it’s not possible to smoke anywhere and a Viking homeless dogs me talking in Swedish. The taxi takes me all around the city and gets back along its wheels to let me at the hotel, placed three streets away from the station. I make the maximum of fake-tour to observe the city through the glasses.

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Angel tattoo designs

Are you Greg, here for the tattoo?” she asked.
I merely nodded, and she opened the door fully, inviting me inside. Hidden speakers filled the small dwelling with ambient music. It sounded like gongs that had been digitally reinterpreted. The music matched the house, a decor composed of dark earth tones highlighted by silver metal accents.

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Chinese designs

Chinese tattoo.

“…The conquering tattoo was a back piece carved out by the illustrious Filip Leu at Fun City Studios—all in one painful blood and sweat-soaked session—a session that left Mr. MX cursing and spitting at the gods of tattooing. MX, aka Machins, has since taken back all the mean things he said about Filip while getting the tattoo. “

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Angel devil

Devil girl tattoo.

Mainstream fashion and underground tattooing are finding themselves in bed together all over the place these days, from the runways of Paris haute couture to—in this case—NYC’s famed Fifth Avenue.

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Tattoo designs new sketches

Another coloured cool Tattoo designs. This one is good for any site of the body with enough area.

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Cartoon. Design a tattoo

More cartoon ideas for tattoo designs. A frenetic rat in a car like a cartoon one´s. Anothertip for design a tattoo for arm or legs.

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Cool tattoos: Monsters and cars

A long and cool tattoos ideal for the arm. A monster in a car. The shape of the tattoo itself makes it ideal for arms.

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A tattoo tribal dragon

A good  tattoo tribal dragon in the chest and continuing in the arm. A full color tattoo in a very original disposition in the body.

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