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Paul from Bournemouth brought his son ‘on stage’, who paraded the latest in his stick on collection while his dad showed off the real thing.

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Come hell or high water, we will be out and about on it in all weathers. This is all very well and good until Fish the Weather Man says, Saturday morning will see some fierce north easterly winds, bringing a snow front to the south east.

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Perhaps this was just the final straw I guess you have to draw the line somewhere. Perhaps its just that the guy is from a generation that is just not used to this kind of thing we reckon he’d be a lot happier if he lightens up and gets into the 20th century fast wonder what the reaction would have been if the student had been indian tattoo

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It discourages competition, jealousy and theft good basic rules to be observed for life in general. This particular school allows pupils to wear one signet ring, and the some boys have long hair and earrings. Although the Head seemed to tolerate…

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