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This winter bike party is held in Pontins Holiday Camp in Camber Sands, Kent, and is run by The Outcasts M.C. I’ve never been to a holiday camp before and I can’t actually imagine going there in the summer, but I believe there are people who pay good money for that sort of thing.

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Tatoo Ideas

Even if your tats and piercings aren’t on display, it’s a way of knowing yourself that you’re OK. different to the grey suited, grey lived, unimaginative nobodies that inhabit our planet. It seems that even in our tolerant times cool tattoo tribals, self expression and individuality is still a trait to be despised and discouraged to be stamped on and ground into the dirt.

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Snake Tattoos

The school rules stated that in the interest of personal safety, jewellry is restricted to the wearing of stud earrings note, this is plural does it refer to one, two, three… pairs? and one signet ring. This rule implies it is there solely for the well being of the student.

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Aztec Tattoo

The main entertainment were the popular choice, the stonking rock duo. The Sunday was a far more hectic affair, with at least twice the amount of people to pester to have their picture taken.  Colin Carl was caught having a scorpion tattoo attached to his head. After taking his picture, his identical twin brother appeared, also with a tattooed bonce.

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Feminine Tattoos

This was taken from the Changes Two album cover, to grace John Dockrell’s thigh. Why ? Well, John is the country’s top dealer, so thought it was a good gimmick to help his sales pitch ! It certainly caught our attention. Down one corridor, we encountered Siouxsie, with the most incredible vibrant full back piece, who handed us a card, presenting herself and the artist.

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Warlock tattoo

My wife Terri and I had the best time; we fell in love with Spam, the wine, the food, and the people. We got to work in Ibiza thanks to Mao and Juan and we got a little of the island fever. At the convention we had a chance to see tattooing with the European edge.

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Oriental tatoo

TAM: Do like any ¡nternational artíst?
H: I admire very much Ed hardy. not just tattooing. but for his picto-rial work in general. He is a very well trained artist and one_who has studied hard. I also like Boris Vallejo’s paintings.
TAM: Love for tattoo is really deep in Japanese culture, what. in your opinión, is the reason why?
H: It’s somethíng typícal of us. For example. until 1948. tattoo was forbidden in Japan, but that didn’t prevent people from tattooing.

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Traditional japanese tattoo

TAM: We love your picture books, and many tattoists await them as presents from heaven. Let’s talk a bit about them. H: I make my books to leave something of myself in this world and to help other artists. To make “100 Demons” I talked to Ed Hardy and I told him what I wanted to do. I just had ten drawings and I still had

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Japanese kanji tattoo

TAM: When did you started your museum?
H: I opened in August 1999, but I was collecting since quite long ago. Almost all my life.
TAM: When did you start tattooing?
H: More than thirty years ago. I was 25 and I started as an apprentice of master Horiyoshi I.

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Japanese flower tattoo

He’s also willing to tell us his impressions about the profession of his life. This is an extract of a comradeship day with a living legend.

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