Free Tattoo Catalogs

Part of the shop is taken by a leather workshop. Ricky also makes incredible free tattoo catalogs now and then as a hobby. One jacket may well take up to half a year to complete.

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Free Tattoo Book

Ricky tattooed me and his wife hers as a birthday present book and we are planning to add bits and pieces to mine. We talk about that at length.

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Tattoo Books

All were extremely busy, so we contented ourselves with looking through the portfolios of their previous work, and flashes; quietly admiring the skills on display. The fifth studio present was Original Skin of Tottenham in London.

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Tattoo Book

I saw “Tattoo,” the American publication on sale a few weeks back, and bought it out of curiosity. It was very tame compared to your publication and had virtually nothing specifically on piercing. Anyhow, good luck with it. Please do publish soon. Some of us enthusiasts are waiting…

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Epic tattoo

I start tattooing eleven years ago and it lias given me the choice to travel and see the world, meet interesting people, and make new friends. My past journeys to Europe and Spain have helped to shape the artist and person that I am today My first trip to Spain was for the Madrid Convention hosted by Mao and Cathy Tattoo.

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Chinese tattoo translation

I also have guest artists once in a while from “East & West inc”. Created in 1999 “East & West” opens the minds on other cultures: BorneoHeadhunters from Borneo and Hori-Hiro from Japan regularly come to Lausanne to satisfy the increasing demand in traditional hand-made tattoos.

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Oriental tattoo designs

TAM: Who made your tattoos?
H: My masters’ son. and one of his apprentices. I “lend” them my body to practice. although one of them left the profession later on When I got my head tattooed I spent quite a long time with my head shaved, but then I had some awful experiences when takíng off my hat in some houses, and I let my hair grow again.

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Oriental tattoo designs

I have a new project, an illustration book of cut heads. I want to do fifty heads, all different, which is a bit complicated. To forcé myself to do it I am telling it to people. as to you. so I am ver-bally committmg myself, that way sure I will do it.

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Traditional japanese tattoo

TAM: We love your picture books, and many tattoists await them as presents from heaven. Let’s talk a bit about them. H: I make my books to leave something of myself in this world and to help other artists. To make “100 Demons” I talked to Ed Hardy and I told him what I wanted to do. I just had ten drawings and I still had

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Japanese flower tattoo

He’s also willing to tell us his impressions about the profession of his life. This is an extract of a comradeship day with a living legend.

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