Tattoo upside-down cross in the back

About 85 percent of his tattoo has been done by Andrea of Skin Sinz in Brooklyn, New York. His back alone could inspire the lyrics to a dozen albums’ worth of hard-core tunes. It’s a chaotic scene that includes an upside-down cross, a goat’s head, three evil ladies, and a human head being crushed in a vice.

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Tattoo beautiful my back

I love camping, riding horses and Harleys, and just about anything done outside. My back will tie in and reflect those interests. We’re sketching my back now, and I just want to thank all the guys at Cincinnati tattoo for getting me into this beautiful art.

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Guitar tattoos back

Guitar tattoos: spinning around on the wobbly bar stool to see what was going on, his mouth nearly fell open in surprise. Every eye in the bar was fixed on the girl who nonchalantly strutted over to the pool table and plunked two quarters down.

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Love tattoo designs bird on the back

Love tattoo designs: Dennis, a high-school industrial-arts teacher, motivated Michelle to get inked by inviting her to one of his appointments with Craig Helmich at Island Avenue Tattoo in McKees Rocks, Pennsylvania, back in 1986. Michelle looked through flash and, as Dennis says, “didn’t find anything right off the git.

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Zodiac tattoos in back

Zodiac tattoos: soon there’ll be another work in the making, an Indian tribal piece to add another dimension to his calf.

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Wing tattoo

Wing tattoo: since getting interested in tattoo, and learning the trade, and now managing P.A. Stephens’ Everett Tattoo Emporium, Mr. Everist has had a chance to collect some very fine skin art of his own.

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Mermaid tattoo color in back

Mermaid tattoo: look for this event to relocate next year to somewhere that offers the best of all worlds (i.e., tattooing), and keep an eye out for action from the Columbus finals in a future issue.

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Peace sign tattoos

Peace sign tattoos: this aside, the 1,800 people who packed into the HoJo’s Conference Center got to see some top-rate scenery, both in the hall and on the sand.

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Good tattoo ideas

Good tattoo ideas: today the work that brings her the most challenge and reward is more imagistic than realistic in conception. My style has really developed, an ongoing process to catch up with my vision.

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Tattoo skull color on the back

Tattoo skull: lazonga was working at a commercial studio for a retired sailor, Danny Danzel, one of “the last of the old-timers,” she says. She experimented with Japanese work herself for a while, then branched out to other motifs.

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