Body Piercing Places

Piercing has really taken off in the last year or so, and I know quite a few people in this area who have them. I’m quite sure it will spread like mad over the next year or two, although people still seem a bit coy about it know some piercers who will not do Prince Albert’s, ampallangs etc.

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Art Body Piercing

Thanks to Aby and her parents for allowing us to run this feature, and also to Brent for bringing it to our attention. If you have any experiences relating to the matter, send them in, and you never know, we may even publish them…

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Tattoo and Piercing

It was good to actually be able to stand around the artists’ booths to watch as pieces of work took shape and progress, and I stood for ages watching Jack Nicholson appear beneath the hands of Darren Stares.  Another portrait that drew a mass of praise was David Bowie.

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