The healing power of tattoos

Not only that, but the healing power of tattoos saved my marriage and made me return to my paint and brushes. It is funny because when people discover what’s on my body, they immediately think I am a violent man. If only, they knew!

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Tattoo horror saw the movie

When he’s not banging heads or under an ink needle in tattoo, Healey thrives on horror movies. He goes to “horrorthons” in New York and collects horror magazines and memorabilia.

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Tattoo texas in the back

In Texas, they dance friendly and nice. In New York, they dance really hard, with violent kicks. You gotta watch your tattoo back, he says, the experience was great. It’ll make it easier for us when my band goes on tour.

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Rosary tattoo at the waist

Rosary tattoo: fish stories are the foundation of many bad jokes. However, Michelle Kretz-ler’s story is a lot more interesting than the usual big-one-that-got-away schtick.

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Superman tattoo designs

Superman tattoo designs: but after first going to a scratch-er who really didn’t have any idea what he was doing, I was so glad when I then met Kiwi Kim and asked her to cover up that original work with the abstract tribal design on my right side,” Lynne declared.

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Superman tattoos

Superman tattoos: They include a Black Flag logo because punk is my scene, he says. “I grew up being a lunatic, working as a part-time roadie for bands like White Zombie until I started making enough money tattooing…

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Scorpion tattoo designs

Scorpion tattoo designs: As far as his own tats go, Chris got his first piece at age 18 from Craig Helmich of Island Avenue Tattoo, Pennsylvania. I chose Craig because he was very reputable and I liked his smooth, clean style.

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Crazy tattoos

Tattoo original neck

Crazy tattoos: It was two roses, one black and one red, on my back that i got out in the middle of nowhere by an artist whose name I don’t remember. It was one of those things .

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Female tattoo designs in thethe belly

Female tattoo designs: according to Hollywood lore, aspiring movie stars used to hang out at Schwab’s drugstore, waiting for a producer to come up and say, Hey, kid, you outta be in pictures. Well, Karen Cockroft is proof that history repeats itself, although not always verbatim. A resident of Hollywood, pictures are Karen’s life and livelihood, although she works with stills instead of celluloid.

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Back tattoo designs

Back tattoo designs: being female, I’m not prejudiced against half nude women. I’ve modeled myself, but would like to see more ink. I don’t think that having one or two half-dollar sized tattoos and a nice body should be enough to earn two pages in a mag.

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