Experience my first tattoo

Mission accomplished. Let me share with you now what this talented artist had to say for himself. I had my first tattoo twenty years ago. As for many other youngsters, it was a provocative gesture. But with time, and more pieces added to my collection, I developed a real passion for the skin art.

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Superman tattoos

Superman tattoos: They include a Black Flag logo because punk is my scene, he says. “I grew up being a lunatic, working as a part-time roadie for bands like White Zombie until I started making enough money tattooing…

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Tattoo Design Ideas

Perhaps this was just the final straw I guess you have to draw the line somewhere. Perhaps its just that the guy is from a generation that is just not used to this kind of thing we reckon he’d be a lot happier if he lightens up and gets into the 20th century fast wonder what the reaction would have been if the student had been indian tattoo

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Studios Tattoo

Despite there being less people than at an event ike Expo, the quality of work on display was virtually 100% high in quality. Some interesting pieces were done over the course of the weekend.

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