Setting tatttoo machines

Keeping your equipment running smoothly is very important and takes more than just a little luck. You have to understand all aspects of the machines and how to tune them.
One of your duties will be to check the contact points on a regular basis. Keep the points and the contact screws in good shape so they will make good “contact.”
To set the points, be sure they are first clean and smooth. A point file can be used to flatten the surfaces if either one of them is burned or pitted. Silver points are readily replaceable and if they can’t be filed back into shape, put on a new spring with a new contact point on it, or just file off the old point and put on a new one. If it can be repaired, do so, taking care not to file off any more of the point than you need to. Emery cloth is very effective in cleaning up both the points and the contact screw, also a burnishing file works well.
Use a light touch on the procedure, or you will go through a lot more contact points than necessary. A quick buff job when they get slightly pitted is about all that is required. Be sure to buff the contact screw too, so you will have good contact there.
To get longer life out of the points, spray them with a good contact cleaner occasionally.

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