Facial tattoos several drawings

Frankly, I don’t want tattoos to become accepted by so many people so that every other Mary, Jane, and Tom has one. I guess that you guys with neck and facial tattoos think that mere full sleeves are too accepted now.

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Oriental tattoo designs

TAM: Who made your tattoos?
H: My masters’ son. and one of his apprentices. I “lend” them my body to practice. although one of them left the profession later on When I got my head tattooed I spent quite a long time with my head shaved, but then I had some awful experiences when takíng off my hat in some houses, and I let my hair grow again.

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Oriental tattoo designs

I have a new project, an illustration book of cut heads. I want to do fifty heads, all different, which is a bit complicated. To forcé myself to do it I am telling it to people. as to you. so I am ver-bally committmg myself, that way sure I will do it.

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