Samurai tattoos in the arm

Samurai tattoos: she lived in San Francisco for five years, until ka-boom! the infamous earthquake hit in 1989 “It ruined everything I had,” she says ruefully and she returned to Seattle.

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Oriental tatoo

TAM: Do like any ¡nternational artíst?
H: I admire very much Ed hardy. not just tattooing. but for his picto-rial work in general. He is a very well trained artist and one_who has studied hard. I also like Boris Vallejo’s paintings.
TAM: Love for tattoo is really deep in Japanese culture, what. in your opinión, is the reason why?
H: It’s somethíng typícal of us. For example. until 1948. tattoo was forbidden in Japan, but that didn’t prevent people from tattooing.

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