Fish tattoo designs across the back

Fish tattoo designs: the piece complements another abstraction Lynne had Lai Hardy etch on her shoulder. She’s now planning to add more art still, which is what life, and freedom, is all about. Choice. Never relinquish that right.

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Ying yang tattoos

Ying yang tattoos: as always, people came out to see the best tats and bikes that their area had to offer.

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Oriental tattoo designs

TAM: Who made your tattoos?
H: My masters’ son. and one of his apprentices. I “lend” them my body to practice. although one of them left the profession later on When I got my head tattooed I spent quite a long time with my head shaved, but then I had some awful experiences when tak√≠ng off my hat in some houses, and I let my hair grow again.

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