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A visit to the local education department told Tracy that she could move to another school (where by our reckoning, she would probably have to face the same situation again). Her mum discovered that the legal side of things is a tricky matter, as it was next to impossible to find a lawyer fully conversant with educational law; so Tracy and her dad decided to take the case to the Court of Human Rights. Radical stuff.

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Meanwhile, after ten days of trauma, Tracy was sent home in a state of anxiety and suffering from stress. The doctor prescribed tranquillisers, a new school rule was drawn up no nose studs allowed…

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Old school tattoo

As darkness carne on, we bid Vishwas farewell. There was another stirring in the córner of the room—maybe two rats having a rat rumble. We emerged into the muggy Bombay twilight. The crowd had finally dispersed, so I asked Patel to take a picture of us in front of Vishwas’ tattoo sign from the sidewalk outside the fence.

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