Tattoo rose lower back

Tattoo rose: on day four the tattoo show was off and rolling. The tattoos were great. This was the part of the convention the regular Joes on board wished they could see.

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Free Lower Back Tattoo

After eight years, Dale decided enough was enough, and a break was needed England was the destination. A six month sabbatical turned into a lot longer, and after much travelling, the commissions started rolling in, so it made sense to stay in this country.

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Low back tattoos

Amblard both from France, Angel (Russia) and his biomechanical specialty, Petelo Sulu’ape (Samoa), Freewind (New Zealand), Errol all an Inkstitution (Holland), Fide of Fur Immer or Ace of Fantasy Tattoo both from Germany, Borneo Ink (Borneo) Till de Blue Note from Honduras,

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