First skin art

Venus got her first skin art less than six months ago, and the 18-year-old secretary from Cincinnati had this to say about her start: “I’ve always loved bikers, H-Ds, and tattoos, and I just figured it was time to get my own work. I went and saw Jimmy and we worked out the design for my leg.”

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Pretty tattoos Christ in the leg

Pretty tattoos: instead, Chris prefers binge sessions with his personal top gun, Chris Garver. In the past, Chris and Chris pulled underground sessions for the armwork.

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Free Tattoos Designs

Starting with the ladies, we were treated to some fine Celtic knot work, meshed with Red Indian symbols. Forests of flowers in bold bright colours complementing perfectly the delicate tracery of tattoo drawings.

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Leg tattoo designs

Later I’ll check that although the cliches are realistic, they are not accurate. Three days in Sweden will teach me to get along with its inhabitants and to check that, with a certain dose of beer and familiarity, they can be as easygoing as any cheerful Mediterranean.

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