Tattoo football ground

Tattoo football ground

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Tattoo anchor leg

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Look at tattoos

Although I only have a tiny “accident” which I gave myself years ago, I love to look at tattoos. I think everyone should know for themselves what they want, but also that time goes on.

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Experience in the tattoo world

Briss entered the tattoo world five years ago. He would have done it earlier, but his wallet refused clearance. For his first experiences, he went to Amsterdam to get two pieces, one on each shoulder.

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Tattoo leg angel

On top of tattoo leg floats a beautiful flying angel carrying a harp and adorned with gold jewelry. Adding the brilliant color under the angel is a herring bird with its feathers wrapping around her leg and extending to her hip. If you look closely, in the right wing of the bird, a peace sign with roses can be seen.

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First skin art

Venus got her first skin art less than six months ago, and the 18-year-old secretary from Cincinnati had this to say about her start: “I’ve always loved bikers, H-Ds, and tattoos, and I just figured it was time to get my own work. I went and saw Jimmy and we worked out the design for my leg.”

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Ladies tattoos in the leg

Ladies tattoos: wolf was shocked when the old Harley caught on the single kick and settled into a mellow idle. Impatience was glaring in her eyes by the time Wolf got his old knuckle running. He had been rebuilding it before the totaling of his shovel. It was an unpainted, oil dripping rat, but what the hell it ran.

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Fox racing tattoos in the leg

Fox racing tattoos: he fingered the rim of the overflowing shot glass a couple of times then downed it and the draft without catching his breath. Both glasses were instantly and quietly refilled by an obsequious bartender who wanted no problems.

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Scorpio tattoo

Scorpio tattoo: as anyone who’s been Beach has some unrealistic laws that make tattooing illegal apparently, the Florida town elders don’t want the unofficial tourist/retiree polyester dress code overshadowed by colorful skin.

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Biker tattoos in leg

Biker tattoos: from Japanese work, I started exploring other styles, adapting and combining images from other cultures: bold stuff, Western mythology, fantasy art, nonliteral art. I do more graphic designs than realism.

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