Japanese Tattoo Designs

Meanwhile, after ten days of trauma, Tracy was sent home in a state of anxiety and suffering from stress. The doctor prescribed tranquillisers, a new school rule was drawn up no nose studs allowed…

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Kanji Tattoo

After the show, it was back to the bar for more beer and a lot of rabbit. Eventually the organisers started to pack up the hall, and it was time to leave. After saying our good byes, we donned our leathers and battered helmets and disappeared into the swirling snow.

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Oriental dragon tattoo

TAM. Do you have a fixed timetable to tattoo? How many time of your day life do you devote to tattoo?
H: Almost all my time is devoted to tattoo. I work from 9 to 6, although I adjust my time to my customer’s availability. I only have a rest on Sunday.

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Japanese tatoo

TAM: What’s your opinion on western tattoo? H: It’s not my style, but I respect it. People in Europe now get interested on Japanese style. That’s very positive. I think that if Japanese style is combined with European style good things might come out.

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