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As your magazine, we are greatly interested to hear what you have to tell us about the life you lead and kanji what enticed you to get pierced or tattooed. To get the ball rolling, I’ll share with you my experience of becoming a pierced person.

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Kanji Tattoo

After the show, it was back to the bar for more beer and a lot of rabbit. Eventually the organisers started to pack up the hall, and it was time to leave. After saying our good byes, we donned our leathers and battered helmets and disappeared into the swirling snow.

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Japanese kanji tattoo

TAM: When did you started your museum?
H: I opened in August 1999, but I was collecting since quite long ago. Almost all my life.
TAM: When did you start tattooing?
H: More than thirty years ago. I was 25 and I started as an apprentice of master Horiyoshi I.

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