Japanese Tattoo Pictures

Hooray for me, then. Apathy is a bit pervasive anyway, and apathy ain’t what i’m about. When was the last time you looked at your soul without hiding behind all the japanese tattoo pictures you use to get through the day…

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Japanese Girl Tattoo

Lidia likes to see piercers constantly trying to improve their standards; and he is the first to practice what he preaches. “I read massive amounts either online or in books. There’s so much information on the Internet.

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Japanese flower tattoo

He’s also willing to tell us his impressions about the profession of his life. This is an extract of a comradeship day with a living legend.

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Japanese flower tattoo

TAM: Have you done or would you do any western tattoo?
H: No. Only Japanese traditional designs. If somebody wants a small
design or an “American way” one my apprentices are in charge of

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