Tattoo guns in pelvis

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Tattoo skinhead letters on the back

Healey has taken to the road all tattoo over the U.S. with his hard-core credentials. During the last two years, he roadied for Agnostic Front, a band described by Trouser Press Record Guide as a pioneering skinhead outfit.

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Chicano tattoos throughout the body

Chicano tattoos: his daughter, Tara, does the piercing, and her sister Tina manages one of the shops. With both daughters helping, Rolf is definitely going places. Fortunately, he’s taking the art of tattooing with him.

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Gangster tattoos

Gangster tattoos: she employed a constructivist design, which she says was especially popular in Europe circa World War I, on an Australian man, joining black tribal design with color to convey an unusual sense of depth.

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Gangsta tattoos

Gangsta tattoos: if you haven’t heard of Lazonga’s work yet, it is due to her unassuming nature. In a business whose engine is fueled by brazen attention-grabbing, Lazonga is quiet and unpretentious, needing to be drawn out a bit, in talking about her work. The capture the flag ethic of competition makes her wretch.

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