Body Tattoo Pictures

What it ultimately boils down to for Keith is using body art to empower; yourself. Piercings, cuttings. brands, and body tattoo pictures all reinforce the warrior spirit…

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Free Tattoo Picture

He started his career as a fire eater, taught by the retieent free tattoo picture, but soon hit the harder stuff mastering increasingly dangerous and complex feats of sideshow skill.

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Free Skull Tattoo

It’s about time tattooists’ work receives the credit it deserves and what better than to be hung in a gallery as artwork in it’s own right. What interested Dale was seeing a lot of work done by one individual artist, and seeing that individual style assert itself on the living canvas.

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Custom Tattoos

Being a reasonable sort of person, Elle wasn’t having any of this, so she walked out. Parental enquiries discovered that she hadn’t been suspended or expelled free tattoo desing as there were no rules relating specifically to nose studs so she returned to face the music.

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Tattoo Parlours

Tracy attends a community collegeĀ  Houghton Regis Upper School, in Houghton Regis, Dunstable. Up until a few weeks ago, she had a perfect school record. This was until she had her nose pierced and the headmaster threw a blue fit.

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Scorpion Tattoo

The entertainment for Saturday night was provided by ‘The Liberty Morris Men, a group of biker Morris dancers a truly unique sight to behold ! They dragged Sophie ‘on stage’ to humiliate her in fine style ! Unfortunately, as she’s the photographer, you’ll have to buy AWOL magazine to see the embarrassing pictures.

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Free Tattoos

It was a bit quiet out there in events land last month but as you can see from the calendar section, gatherings are coming up, so get your tattoo trousers on! Thanks for the nice comments, invitations and hospitality that have been offered on all fronts.

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