Oriental dragon tattoo

TAM. Do you have a fixed timetable to tattoo? How many time of your day life do you devote to tattoo?
H: Almost all my time is devoted to tattoo. I work from 9 to 6, although I adjust my time to my customer’s availability. I only have a rest on Sunday.

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Oriental tattoos

It was a way of forcing myself to do it. As soon as he support-ed to project I threw myself into it and that very week I had made four more. After I made a book based on the history of China, “The 108 héroes of Suikoden”. I made all the drawings and I worked hard on the text.

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Japanese kanji tattoo

TAM: When did you started your museum?
H: I opened in August 1999, but I was collecting since quite long ago. Almost all my life.
TAM: When did you start tattooing?
H: More than thirty years ago. I was 25 and I started as an apprentice of master Horiyoshi I.

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Japanese tatoo

TAM: What’s your opinion on western tattoo? H: It’s not my style, but I respect it. People in Europe now get interested on Japanese style. That’s very positive. I think that if Japanese style is combined with European style good things might come out.

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Flower tattoo designs

After some rounds I find the chocolate house; a glare among the branches of the trees brings me to the pavilion where the convention takes place. In that hostile and wild environment, the pavilion it’s an oasis of heat, light and color, where the machines buzz like asleep insects. I’m about to recover in it

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Flower tattoo pictures

Once at the hotel I wrap myself up in forty caps and three hundred jackets and I go to look for the convention. The venue where it’ll take place is hidden in the huge Folkest Park, a macro park dark and covered of dead leaves that, at night, looks like Hansel and Gretel’s forrest.

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Tattos back

The beach is magnificent, although its icy sand and the 10 degrees below zero that keeps it as it is do not invite to walk along it with the cigarettes on the elastic band of the G-string.

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Tattoo back neck

Later I’ll check that although the cliches are realistic, they are not accurate. Three days in Sweden will teach me to get along with its inhabitants and to check that, with a certain dose of beer and familiarity, they can be as easygoing as any cheerful Mediterranean.

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Tattoo back design

The voices of the Spanish who have arrived with me to Copenhagen’s Kastrup Airport are the only ones perceptible. They stand out amidst the organized and silent human tide because of the high pitch of their voices and their booming laughs. They move -me included- the hands like mills and, most of them, are smoking (although it’s forbidden). People look at us oddly.

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Arm tattoo pictures

People look at us oddly. The thing is that Scandinavians, apart from the fact that they are normally more attractive, thinner and more elegant than we are, are extremely educated, always abide by the rules and, above all, less noisy than the Latin. I soon perceive ruckus in one of the tables of the bar of the airport: yells in Italian.

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